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Jan Barley

Jan is a direct response copywriter, SEO writer & case study specialist. She lives in the Cotswold's UK with two rescue dogs. Jan became interested in cryptocurrencies in 2016, starting with a small portfolio of coins. Since 2020, Jan has written approximately 180 SEO content articles for various cryptocurrency companies. Jan is fascinated by human behaviour & is qualified in Applied Neuroscience, Consumer Neuroscience & Neuromarketing, CBT, NLP & TA. Currently, she is studying Behavioural Economics & loving it.

defi jobs

DeFi Jobs: Exciting careers in decentralised finance (2022)

Are you browsing DeFi jobs, wondering whether to start a career in decentralised finance? There is increasing demand for candidates with DeFi experience, and the rewards can be lucrative, even for entry-level DeFi jobs. This guide explores the many career opportunities developing in DeFi jobs. In addition, this fast-growing sector is unlikely to slow down …

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bad hiring decisions

Powerful ways to avoid costs of bad hiring decisions

There are many reasons why bad hiring decisions can put a business at risk, including anything from reduced productivity to the potential threat to physical and digital security. Hiring the wrong person can lead to diminished productivity, as employees without the proper skills may struggle to work under pressure or do the job the company …

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how to become a blockchain engineer

How to become a blockchain engineer (2022)

As more companies worldwide embrace blockchain technology, the demand for talented blockchain engineers and blockchain developers is increasing. More people are changing careers and asking how to become a blockchain engineer. Moreover, a career in blockchain engineering can be lucrative, with good pay, the scope for career advancement and the opportunity to become part of …

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