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How to Become a Highly-paid Blockchain Architect (2023)

How to become a highly paid architect

If you’re considering a career in blockchain, the role of a blockchain architect is one of the most lucrative jobs in the blockchain space. It’s a demanding role, requiring a broad range of hard and soft skills. Perhaps you’re uncertain of the job requirements and want to know how to get started. If so, this guide provides a step-by-step guide for starting a career as a career in blockchain architecture.

The good news is, there’s high demand for qualified blockchain architects. Equally, there is a shortage of top talent, and companies offer significant salaries for the best candidates. It’s a fabulous Web3 career.

In this guide, you’ll discover the prerequisite skills you need to become a well-paid blockchain architect. We highlight the best training opportunities if you aren’t already qualified.

What is a Blockchain Architect?

A blockchain architect (sometimes called a blockchain solutions architect) works with research and development teams to create the best architecture to suit a blockchain system.

The job involves leading blockchain projects to design, build and develop performance standards and create innovative and effective solutions across blockchain architecture frameworks.

Blockchain architects have a significant understanding of blockchain systems. Their extensive knowledge enables them to create a roadmap for engineers, and developers, and the team. In addition, they are innovators, strategists, project managers and team leaders but also require interpersonal and business skills, coding, and technical proficiency.

What Skills do Blockchain Architects Need?

The role of a blockchain architect is multi-faceted and demanding. Anyone can acquire the necessary technical skills but the combination of prerequisite hard and soft skills makes it a challenge for companies to find top talent for blockchain architecture solutions.

Top 10 skills Required for Blockchain Architects

  1. Blockchain fundamentals: Must have an extensive understanding of blockchain foundations, interoperability and architecture. In addition, knowledge of data structures, smart contracts, consensus algorithms and distributed ledger technologies
  2. Blockchain frameworks: Extensive knowledge of frameworks such as Hyperledger, Ethereum, R3 Corda, and Fabric
  3. Programming languages: For example, Java, C++, Python, NodeJS and Solidity
  4. Cryptography: Must have extensive knowledge of cryptography as it’s fundamental to blockchain security
  5. Front end and back end web design and development: The role includes responsibility for coding concepts, so this knowledge helps an architect to create a good project roadmap
  6. Risk and failure analysis: For the function of preparing for and reducing risk
  7. Performance indicators: Ability to assess ongoing performance of the blockchain
  8. Consensus algorithms: For example, good command of Ethereum and Bitcoin consensus algorithms
  9. Leadership and Management: The architect is responsible for leading and managing a team of professionals, and experts in their own right, such as blockchain developers and engineers. You must be able to train and identify team strengths and weaknesses to develop a practical and effective blockchain solution that benefits the business
  10. Business experience: Understanding business models is crucial for a blockchain solutions architect. For example, working within a budget and implementing potential revenue models

In addition to the above skills, a blockchain solutions architect needs product specification experience. You’re working with client requirements, so the blockchain solution is a balance of meeting client demands and factoring in consumer understanding of the product. Therefore, you must clearly define product specifications for the client, your team and the end user. In addition, you must be an excellent strategist and innovative problem solver, navigating issues quickly as they arise.

Blockchain Architect’s Salary

Do blockchain jobs pay well and what is the salary of blockchain architect? The role of an experienced blockchain solutions architect is challenging and demanding. You’re responsible for multiple aspects of creating a blockchain solution, including training and managing a team. Therefore, a certified blockchain architect can anticipate a salary of £150,000 to £185,000+.

The Best Blockchain Architect Certification Training

You’re ready to become a certified blockchain architect, so where do you begin? How easy is it to train for a lucrative career, and how long does it take?

Firstly, the question to ask yourself is if you have the aptitude and enthusiasm to learn the multiple technical aspects of the role. It could be challenging if you cannot grasp technical subjects.

Secondly, do you have excellent interpersonal skills? If not, the role may not be suitable for you. It’s a people-driven role, leading and managing a team, working with clients and navigating the numerous issues that arise when people work together. While most people can learn hard skills such as programming languages, developing soft skills is difficult. As it’s a crucial aspect of succeeding in the role, consider if your soft skills are sufficiently well-developed.

Blockchain Council: Certified Blockchain Architect

Blockchain architect certification
Image: Blockchain Council

Blockchain council is a reputable blockchain training provider, offering numerous courses on their website. The Certified Blockchain Architect self-paced online course is well-rounded training. In addition, Blockchain Council provides 24/7 support to get you moving towards a lucrative career in blockchain architecture.

The estimated study time is twelve hours, and the final exam is online.

The course outcomes: –

You’ll gain an extensive understanding of blockchain architecture and learn how to implement your new skills in blockchain applications. You’ll discover the necessary tools for blockchain architecture and build a blockchain enterprise of your own.

After completing the exam, you’ll receive a Blockchain Council certificate and lifetime access to course content.

Certified Blockchain Architect Course Modules

  1. Introduction:
  2. Blockchain Architect – an overview
  3. Blockchain Overview
  4. Types of Blockchain
  5. Basics of Blockchain Architecture
  6. Tools required for Blockchain Architecture
  7. Developing your own Network Nodes
  8. Architecting your own Blockchain Solution
  9. Additional Blockchain Solutions
  10. Certified Blockchain Architecture Exam

101 Blockchains: Certified Enterprise Blockchain Architect (CEBA)

train as a blockchain architect
Image: 101 Blockchains

The Certified Enterprise Blockchain Architect (CEBA) certification is popular for professionals interested in creating and developing blockchain-based systems and architecture solutions. The course focuses on blockchain use cases and the enterprise needs for suitable blockchain systems.

The course outcomes: –

Gain knowledge of the fundamentals of blockchain, all aspects of blockchain architecture, and the basics of an enterprise blockchain platform. You’ll understand how to choose an appropriate blockchain system and public and permissioned blockchains such as Hyperledger and Ethereum.

Certified Enterprise Blockchain Architect Course Modules

  1. Welcome
  2. Blockchain fundamentals
  3. Enterprise blockchains
  4. Ethereum overview
  5. Hyperledger overview
  6. R3 Corda overview
  7. Certification and next steps

Conclusion: How to Become a Highly-paid Blockchain Architect

The increasing demand for skilled blockchain architects means jobs are highly sought-after by suitable candidates. However, there aren’t enough architects in the talent pool. Consequently, employers offer attractive packages for the best candidates.

The job demands a significant list of skills, including blockchain and technical expertise. In addition, blockchain architects have excellent people skills and can lead and manage a team throughout the project’s lifecycle.

The necessary balance of soft and hard skills requires a multi-faceted, talented individual, which is why there is an increasing demand for blockchain architects. Few candidates can tick all the boxes, but employers want the top qualified candidates.

If you’re starting your blockchain journey, the role of a blockchain architect may appear daunting and way beyond your reach. However, there are many great careers in Web3, such as entry-level jobs in blockchain, the metaverse, and cryptocurrency. You can acquire the necessary knowledge, skills and qualifications to progress to a career as a certified blockchain solution architect.

Contact the CB Recruitment team, upload your resume and let’s discuss available options.



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Is there a high demand for blockchain architects?

Yes, there is a considerable demand for certified blockchain architects because so few candidates are qualified for this demanding career. If you’re wondering if it’s worth training as a blockchain solutions architect, we don’t anticipate demand slowing down soon.

Blockchain architect vs developer: Which is best?

The primary difference between blockchain architects and a developers is in the functions of the role.

A blockchain developer creates immutable blockchain systems for secure data storage and transactions. In addition, they maintain client and server-side applications, such as smart contracts. They have extensive blockchain technical skills and understanding of data structures, consensus distributed ledger technology, programming languages and cryptography.

Blockchain developers do not train employees, have no responsibility for leading a team, and don’t need business acumen. Subsequently, the salaries of both roles differ. A blockchain developer’s income ranges from £55,000 to £150,000, and a blockchain architect salary is £150,000 to £185,000.

Above all, a blockchain developer forms part of a team led and managed by the blockchain architect. Of course, you can start your career as a blockchain developer and later gain additional skills and training to become an architect.

What skills are transferable to become a blockchain architect?

You could be an IT manager, software architect, engineer or developer interested in or working on blockchain-based systems and processes. In addition, gaining blockchain architect certification can take you to the next step of your career in blockchain if you also have excellent interpersonal skills and measurable business acumen.

Choose the best blockchain solution architect certification available and get started today.

Is blockchain a good career future?

More companies worldwide are adopting blockchain technology, including publicly listed companies like Walmart and Amazon. It’s a booming tech industry that will continue growing for a considerable time. Blockchain jobs are well-paid, even for entry-level positions, and the scope for advancement is significant.

Is Blockchain High Paying Job?

Yes, most blockchain jobs pay well, even for entry-level positions

How do I get a job in blockchain?

If you’ve have a blockchain qualification contact the CB Recruitment team to discuss your requirements and find out if we have suitable blockchain  jobs.

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Jan Barley
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Jan Barley
Jan Barley
Jan is a SEO copywriter, brand advisor, content strategist & case study specialist writing for crypto, recruitment, and SaaS companies. Jan lives in the Cotswold's UK with two rescue dogs. Since 2020, Jan has written hundreds of SEO articles for various crypto companies including CB Recruitment & Coin Bureau.

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