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How To Become A Chief Marketing Officer 2023

how to become a chief marketing officer

This post is a roadmap for how to become a Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) in 2023. Above all, it’s a fantastic opportunity to pursue a Web3 career with superb options for career progression. In this exciting role, you can significantly impact an organisation’s business growth and earn a lucrative salary.

What is a Chief Marketing Officer?

The Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) is a marketing team’s highest-ranking expert at the c-suite level. Above all, you are responsible for leading and managing a team to implement successful marketing campaigns to achieve measurable results aligned with marketing goals and within budget.

In addition to marketing expertise, a Chief Marketing Officer must possess similar high-level skills to c-suite level leaders.

Moreover, in job descriptions, organisations may describe the senior role as Global Marketing Officer or Marketing Director

What Does a Chief Marketing Officer Do?

Above all, the Chief Marketing Officer is responsible for the entire marketing department, leading the decisions and tracking results. In addition, the CMO must understand the organisation’s USP and target audience. Likewise, the job involves liaising with many other experts, such as: –

  • Marketing team
  • Copywriters
  • Content writers
  • Web developers
  • Photographers
  • Video creators
  • Advertising departments

Moreover, the CMO actively works with the marketing team to create and implement a marketing strategy. Likewise, they help guide relevant content and advertising creation aligned with the marketing process and track data such as analytics, metrics and reporting.

Jobs for Women in Web3: Chief Marketing Officer jobs are in demand

The Chief Marketing Officer has three core functions: –

#1: Creating and Implementing a Marketing Strategy

The CMO helps create and sign off on a marketing strategy, putting together all aspects that make it work, such as copywriting, content marketing and advertising, email strategy, social media and other marketing initiatives.

The Chief Marketing Officer uses knowledge and expertise to align objectives with an organisation’s goals.

  • Implement a marketing project calendar with structured content, ad creation and other initiatives
  • Social media knowledge: Or liaising with a social media expert in the marketing team
  • Knowledge of the organisation’s customer journey and experience
  • Familiarity with the organisation’s CRM
  • Establish and measure KPIs
  • Ascertain that the marketing campaign is in line with the organisation’s brand

The CMO has overall control of all the above aspects. However, an effective CMO will delegate tasks to the marketing team or outsource some initiatives.

#2: Leading the Marketing Team

The Chief Marketing Officer’s job is to organise individuals within the marketing team. In addition to employees within the organisation, a CMO may hire freelancers, such as photographers, copywriters, and ad and video creators.

Primarily, as many people may be involved in a marketing campaign for a large organisation, the CMO must have excellent organisational skills to liaise with employees and contractors working to a clear brief.

#3: Reporting and Tracking Metrics and Analytics

As well as being an excellent communicator, the CMO must have a good grasp of math and chart reading, for example, calculating the ROI for marketing campaigns and the cost per lead.

In addition, organisations want to understand CRM data to calculate average lifetime customer value to improve customer experience and increase profits.

How to become a Chief Marketing Officer

Chief Marketing officer jobs are in high demand. If ifs a career of interest, it may be necessary to start at entry-level and progress to a CMO role.

Most organisations list a prerequisite of 3-10 years of business marketing experience. A Chief Marketing Officer with more than ten years of expertise is highly valued and well-paid. However, it’s possible to fast-track your marketing career if you demonstrate the skills needed and provide measurable results.

While gaining a marketing degree is not necessary, it can be helpful. Another alternative is a master’s in business administration with marketing elements in the curriculum.

Primarily, a CMO must understand branding, consumer psychology, advertising methods, budgeting practices and how to create business growth.

How to Work Towards a Specialist Chief Marketing Officer Job

After gaining the essential business and marketing skills and qualifications, you can separate yourself in the marketing space by focusing on a niche.

The following list highlights a few examples: –

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimisation): SEO is essential to marketing a brand. There are three components; on-page, off-page and technical. Most marketing specialists may focus on an overall SEO strategy and outsource professionals to help implement elements such as the technical aspects
  • eCommerce: There are multiple components to creating and managing an eCommerce business. It’s an excellent specialist area for a CMO as a business can rise or fall on its eCommerce strategy
  • Branding: Many organisations do not fully understand branding concepts and need a brand marketing expert to help the company create the right image for its target audience
  • Copywriting: A CMO with copywriting skills can save company outsourcing fees or the cost of hiring an in-house copywriter. The CMO can also teach copywriting skills to the team
  • Advertising: Advertising can be costly and fail to return results. A CMO with top-notch knowledge of advertising practices can help create a healthy ROI for an organisation’s advertising spend

Hiring a CMO with additional skills is a huge cost and efficiency benefit for smaller organisations.

What Soft Skills Does a CMO Need?

Chief Marketing Officer responsibilities include managing a team, communicating with founders, finance directors and stockholders and anyone else involved in planning an organisation’s marketing strategy. Therefore, it’s essential to have a broad range of soft skills, such as leadership and emotional intelligence.

In most job descriptions, companies seek a CMO with all or some of the following personal traits: –

Excellent Communication Skills

A Chief Marketing Officer needs exceptional written and verbal communication skills to navigate relationships at many levels within an organisation, including the essential team required to implement a marketing strategy. Likewise, managing a team includes ensuring that the team’s marketing content is on-brand and effective.

Moreover, a CMO needs to convey a vision that aligns with the company brand, and in tricky discussions with budget-focused financial directors, a CMO must demonstrate the value of a marketing campaign.

In addition to communicating with employees and directors, a CMO needs people skills. You may have to organise focus groups, get case studies or reviews, create verbal or video presentations and speak publicly.

Leadership Skills

A Chief Marketing Office with micromanaging issues is unlikely to be successful. A CMO is an individual that naturally builds rapport, encourages innovation, open discussion and autonomy in a team and comfortably liaises with all departmental leaders and stakeholders. In addition, a CMO knows how to get others on board with their vision and can easily explain complex strategies.

Strategic Thinker

Depending on the size of an organisation, a Chief Marketing Officer may have to liaise with management, teams and contractors. Subsequently, a CMO needs excellent strategic and problem-solving skills to ensure that a marketing campaign is on track, on budget and on time.

Logical and Rational

Marketing is not only focused on creative skills. A CMO also needs a good grasp of logic and numbers and can explain analytics at the director level.


A Chief Marketing Officer follows market trends. Moreover, as the world moves deeper into Web3, many companies want to transition from web2 strategies. A CMO that keeps their finger on the digital pulse can help a company to strengthen its brand position within its industry.


Top CMOs are out-of-the-box thinkers who see positive solutions where a problem exists. They are fearless in pursuing new marketing strategies and exploring tools to create a stronger brand message for an organisation’s target audience.


Rolling out the same strategies for each marketing campaign is not an option for an experienced Chief Marketing Officer. Projects are always a work in progress, and if they aren’t working, the CMO must recognise and accept when it’s time to quit and change direction.

A Chief Marketing Officer that understands behavioural science appreciate that changing direction can create friction with those involved. The sunk cost fallacy is a human bias that keeps us investing in something when we should quit. The reason is that we measure the amount of effort, time or money, and it feels like failing if we give up and start again.

A CMO may have to explain this at a higher level to make it understood that continuing to invest in a strategy or campaign that isn’t working may end up costing the company more.

Data Management Skills

We are a data-driven species and rely on measurable analytics to quantify results. Therefore, a CMO must love data and analytics and the challenges that come with it. They can explain the meaning and purpose of data measurements to others.

chief marketing officer
Start a rewarding career as a Chief Marketing Officer

Chief Marketing Officer Salary

The average salary for a Chief Marketing Office in the United Kingdom is over £100k. For senior roles and freelancers, the compensation could be considerably higher.

Preparing for the Best Chief Marketing Officer Job

There are no shortcuts to becoming a CMO. Above all, to do the best job, you need the skills and real-world experience to create effective marketing campaigns for an organisation.

If you don’t wish to pursue a master’s degree, there are online recognised marketing qualifications available: –

Digital Marketing Institute

The Digital Marketing Institute is a globally recognised digital marketing course. It teaches you how to reach customers and the difference between outbound and inbound marketing. In addition, the course covers how to combine traditional and digital marketing.

Course Modules

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Paid Search (PPC) using Google Ads
  • Email Marketing
  • Analytics with Google Analytics
  • Content Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Display and Video Marketing
  • Website Optimisation
  • Digital Marketing Strategy

You will learn the principles of digital marketing, developing objectives and connecting with the customer, and digital and cultural research.

In addition, the Digital Marketing Institute’s website states that 81% of its members gained promotion after completing this course.

Cambridge Marketing Courses

Cambridge Marketing College provides a broad range of marketing courses to suit all levels.

  1. CIM Marketing Leadership Programme (Level 7)
  2. CIM Postgraduate Diploma in Professional Marketing (Level 7)
  3. CIM Diploma in Professional Marketing (Level 6)
  4. CIM Diploma in Professional Digital Marketing (Level 6)
  5. CIM Diploma in Professional Marketing: Professional Services (Level 6)
  6. CIM Diploma in Sustainable Marketing (Level 6)
  7. CIM Certificate in Professional Marketing (Level 4)
  8. CIM Certificate in Professional Marketing: Professional Services (Level 2)

Founded in 1991, CIM is a recognised and reputable international course provider of marketing and PR courses to thousands of students worldwide.

CIM also offer several apprenticeship options: –

  • Content Creator
  • Digital Marketer
  • Marketing Assistant
  • PR & Communications Assistant
  • Marketing Executive
  • Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability
  • Marketing Manager

Conclusion: How To Become A Chief Marketing Officer 2023

To sum up, before starting your journey to becoming a Chief Marketing Officer, spend time deciding upon a specific industry or what type of company you would like to target for applications.

There are a multitude of lucrative and enjoyable options available for a qualified CMO, such as: –

  1. An in-house Chief Marketing Officer
  2. A Fractional CMO working for several companies that need marketing leadership but don’t want to hire a full-time CMO
  3. Niche specific CMO
  4. Register with a marketing company that outsources marketing work

Acquiring the skills and real-world experience in marketing can certainly be time-consuming. Still, once you have a few years of verifiable results, the world is your oyster.

The role of a CMO is fast-paced and never dull. Primarily, it’s a challenging role, ideal for individuals with exceptional communication and leadership skills. Above all, in Web3, the need for marketing experts is increasing as projects want to capture a market share and define their brand message.

In conclusion, there’s never been a better time to contact the CB Recruitment team if you seek a role in Web3 marketing.

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Jan Barley
Jan Barley
Jan is a SEO copywriter, brand advisor, content strategist & case study specialist writing for crypto, recruitment, and SaaS companies. Jan lives in the Cotswold's UK with two rescue dogs. Since 2020, Jan has written hundreds of SEO articles for various crypto companies including CB Recruitment & Coin Bureau.
Jan Barley
Jan Barley
Jan is a SEO copywriter, brand advisor, content strategist & case study specialist writing for crypto, recruitment, and SaaS companies. Jan lives in the Cotswold's UK with two rescue dogs. Since 2020, Jan has written hundreds of SEO articles for various crypto companies including CB Recruitment & Coin Bureau.

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