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10 Excellent tips for how to get a job with Amazon

10 excellent tips for how to get a job with Amazon

Are you ready to find out how to get a job with Amazon? Amazon is one of the world’s largest technology companies. Moreover, it leads the way with digital streaming, artificial intelligence, cloud computing and e-commerce.

In addition, every year, Amazon’s growth continues to chart upwards, and careers at Amazon are the most sought-after by candidates.

Moreover, in 2021, Amazon had over 1.6 million employees, an increase of 23.88% from 2020 (source: It’s anticipated this number will increase in 2022 as more people want to get a job at Amazon. That is to say, there are multiple opportunities for Amazon jobs in marketing, design, cryptocurrency, blockchain, software development and design, IT and human resources.

How easy is it to get a job with Amazon?

Understandably, securing a career with Amazon is a daunting prospect. The application and interview process is certainly rigorous and intense. Moreover, Amazon expect top talent for the best careers at Amazon. Subsequently, if you get to the interview process, you have already succeeded where many candidates fail.

What is Amazon’s work culture?

Amazon has a unique culture. Above all, the Amazon leadership principles underpin the entire company and its processes, including recruitment.

Preparation is everything, more so with Amazon than with many other companies. Therefore, this step-by-step guide for how to get a job at Amazon will prepare you for the entire application and interview process.

#1: Know the Amazon leadership principles by heart

If you get to the interview stage without knowing Amazon’s leadership principles, you’re unlikely to get much further in your application. In other words, these principles apply to all Amazon employees, from the office cleaner to the highest-paid employee in the company.

Above all, you must read and accept the leadership principles and decide if you still want to pursue a career with Amazon.

The fourteen Amazon Leadership Principles: –

  1. Customer obsession: Amazon’s underlying ethos is to provide customers with the best experience
  2. Ownership: Take ownership of your actions, even if you messed up.
  3. Invent and Simplify: Amazon has an innovative approach to business. The company seeks employees who can break down complex issues in a simple form.
  4. Are right, a lot: Amazon gives its employees a high degree of autonomy. You must trust your instinct and have sound judgement, but be open to the ideas of your colleagues.
  5. Learn and be curious: Amazon appreciates enthusiastic employees with an appetite for learning new technologies and processes.
  6. Hire and develop the best: Amazon’s culture focuses on top performers. Therefore, demonstrate your skills and potential.
  7. Insist on the highest standards:  The company seeks employees eager to exceed expectations.
  8. Think big: Amazon believes that “thinking small is a self-fulfilling prophecy.”
  9. Bias for action: Amazon dislikes drawn-out decision-making, preferring employees to take action and make mistakes from which they can learn.
  10. Frugality: Find a cost-effective, efficient way to provide maximum value.
  11. Earn trust: Admit when you make a mistake. Be open to criticism, be honest and treat colleagues respectfully.
  12. Dive deep: Amazon seeks employees that dig deep into processes rather than assuming a top-level approach.
  13. Have backbone; disagree and commit: Speak up if you don’t agree with someone or something. Not in a confrontational manner, but instead not withholding an opinion to keep the peace.
  14. Deliver results: Amazon employees aim to contribute value to the company with measurable results. You will understand how your job role brings success to Amazon and consistently strive to improve outcomes.

After reading Amazon’s 14 leadership principles, you’ll know if you can fulfill the stringent standards required to get a job at Amazon.

#2: Select a job and create an account

Firstly, we assume you’ve found a job role of interest by searching careers. Secondly, create an account, complete your profile and upload your resume. You can use your LinkedIn profile if you prefer.

Unlike many job applications, Amazon asks job-specific questions rather than you attaching a cover letter. Above all, hiring managers look for relevant skills and alignment with Amazon’s culture and values. Consequently, you may need to tweak your resume to reflect this requirement and ensure your CV reflects Amazon’s job specifications.

#3: Thoroughly read the job specifications

The Amazon application process is intense. Subsequently, job specifications are exceptionally detailed. Make sure you are 100% matched to the job description because if it states C++ as a prerequisite and you don’t have those language skills, Amazon will reject your application instantly.

Apply for Amazon careers
Image: Amazon Jobs

#4: Complete the assessment test

Often, you’ll undertake the assessment tests during the application process, but sometimes you’ll receive the test after submitting your application. To clarify, the test completion time averages between 10-20 minutes.

The tests are not standard and are different for each job. For instance, the test may include situational judgement, logical and verbal reasoning and numerical questions.

As part of your application, Amazon may also ask you to engage in work style and work sample assessments. Above all, before completing these tests, remind yourself of the leadership principles. The tests primarily assess how you would fit with the company culture.

Work style tests

These tests usually involve choosing from multiple statements to describe how you prefer to work. There’s no point trying to make yourself a fit if Amazon’s work culture is different to your work preferences. Moreover, you’ll thrive with Amazon if the culture is genuinely a good fit.

Work Sample Simulations

Amazon gives you a role-specific virtual task to complete. Hiring managers judge results on how your work ethos aligns with the leadership principles. Typical simulations might include problem-solving tasks, data analysis or interpersonal skills. Depending on the task complexity, expect to spend 20-60 minutes of your time.

#5: Learn how the application process works

Unsurprisingly, Amazon’s recruitment process can be lengthy, especially for senior roles. Be prepared that if Amazon accepts you as a suitable candidate, the entire process could take up to three months. If you get as far as a face-to-face interview, Amazon will contact you within two to five days to let you know if you have been successful or not.

Application checklist: –

  1. Submit your application with a CV
  2. Answer job-specific questions if asked
  3. Complete assessment tests
  4. Attend a telephone interview (If your assessment tests are successful)
  5. Attend a face-to-face interview day at an Amazon office

#6: Check your Amazon application status

You can monitor the application process in your free Amazon jobs account. There are three categories for real-time updates: –

  1. Application submitted: Amazon has received your application, but the hiring managers have not yet reviewed it.
  2. Under consideration: The hiring managers are reviewing your application.
  3. No longer under consideration: Your application was unsuccessful.

What do Amazon interviewers want to know?

The interviewer will discuss your previous work experience at this stage of your application. I addition, they may ask about the lessons you learned from a work task failure or how you motivated a demoralised team to achieve targets.

Show initiative by asking questions. Certainly, if you’ve got this far in the application stage, it’s time to shine and show Amazon that you embrace the culture and fully understand the leadership principles.

Within a couple of days, Amazon will notify you if you are moving to the face-to-face interview stage.

#7: Learn the STAR interview technique

Amazon interviews are an all-day affair, but it’s the final stage in the application process. Anticipate up to seven separate interviews, each lasting up to an hour and with different interviewers. The more senior the position, the more interviews you’ll have.

What happens on face-to-face interview days?

Similarly to the telephone interview, the questions will be primarily behavioural-based, such as previous work situations that demonstrate your suitability for the role. Amazon only hires the best candidates. They want employees that show growth potential, initiative and commitment to the Amazon culture.

The interview day could include role-playing assessment tests, particularly if the job is technical. For instance, the interviewers might wish to observe your coding skills. However, Amazon will notify you about these tests before attending the interview

The STAR Technique

Learning the STAR interview technique can be helpful in interviews outside of Amazon. Moreover, if you have a date for a face-to-face interview with Amazon, you must learn the method as Amazon recommends it to candidates.

STAR is an acronym for: –

  • Situation
  • Task
  • Action
  • Result

Primarily, STAR is about framing your responses to behavioural questions in story format, a beginning, a middle and an end. For instance: –

  • What was the work situation?
  • What task was required?
  • What did you do?
  • What was the result?

Answering every question in this format gives the interviewer a clear perspective of your role in each scenario.

Amazon careers
Image: Amazon Jobs

#8: Admit to mistakes

Owning up to your mistakes is a significant part of the Amazon culture, and they expect employees to learn from failure. They’re also keen to hire risk-takers, employees unafraid to tread new ground with innovation. If you can show the reasoning behind your decisions and back it up with data-based evidence, Amazon will support your process, even if it fails initially.

#9: Be prepared to talk about technical topics

Amazon evaluates your technical skills throughout the application process if you apply for a cryptocurrency position, a blockchain or software development role, or another technical position. Amazon recommends consulting your recruitment advisor regarding the potential technical topics discussed during the interview. It could include: –

  • Programming language
  • Algorithms
  • Operating systems
  • Coding

#10: Tailor your resume to job specifications

Read the job specification thoroughly and adapt your resume to the required skills. Never fabricate your resume, but highlight the skills you have that match. Use specific keywords on the job description. If the hiring manager uses application tracking software, there’s more chance of your resume being selected.

Conclusion: 10 excellent tips to get a job at Amazon

To sum up, whether you’re seeking Amazon careers remote or looking for Amazon careers work from home opportunities, the application process is stringent. Amazon created it to single out the cream of the crop.

Amazon hires top talent, so if you want to be considered a suitable applicant, apply for jobs matched to your skills and qualifications. Learn the Amazon leadership principles, and be sure you are happy working within the culture. If Amazon doesn’t work out for you, there is a high demand for skilled cryptocurrency candidates including entry-level positions.

Amazon’s cryptocurrency positions are increasing, which could be a lifetime opportunity for suitable candidates. Above all, take your time with the application process. Follow the guidelines in this post to help you stand out among your peers. Many candidates do not understand how critical it is to complete a step-by-step application that Amazon’s hiring managers notice.

If you need help with your career applications, contact the CB Recruitment team.


How to get hired at Amazon fast?

Unfortunately, you cannot speed up the Amazon application process, but you can improve your chances of getting noticed. In addition, try not to rush the application process. Review every step carefully so you can consider your answers.

Learn the leadership principles as these underpin the company, and adjust your resume to include keywords aligning with the job specification and principles. In addition, Amazon receives hundreds of applicants for a position and applies tracking filters to weed out unsuitable applicants. Therefore, taking your time at this stage can help you get noticed by the hiring managers.

What careers does Amazon pay for?

Amazon has an innovative Career Choice program. Amazon pays up to 95% of fees and tuition costs for a diploma or certificate that could lead to Amazon/careers for eligible applicants. Over the last six months, 25,000 Amazon employees joined the Career Choice program.

The chosen fields are: –

  • Mechanical and skilled trades
  • Transportation
  • Administration and business services
  • Information technology

What is Amazon careers salary scale?

Amazon careers salary scale varies for each job. Below is a short list of example jobs and salary ranges: –

  • Software Development Engineer £38k – £88k
  • Software Engineer £33k – £77k
  • Operations Manager £29k – £76k
  • Solutions Architect £45k – £105k
  • Senior Solutions Architect £48k – £123k

Does Amazon reply to job applications?

Amazon careers work from home are increasing in popularity. Moreover, for every job, there are typically hundreds of candidates apply to get a job at Amazon. To clarify, there’s no need for Amazon to personally reply because you can check the status of your application in your Amazon jobs profile.

Why did Amazon reject my application?

There is a multitude of reasons why your application got rejected: –

  1. Did you complete the application correctly?
  2. Using your LinkedIn profile may not have passed through the filters. Don’t take shortcuts. Submit a resume.
  3. Do you have the exact skills required?
  4. Did you learn Amazon’s leadership principles and apply your knowledge in the application/assessments/interviews?
  5. Do the education qualifications match? For instance, if the job requires a Bachelor’s degree and you don’t have one.
  6. Did you adjust your resume using relevant keywords?
  7. Did your telephone interview inspire confidence in your ability to do the job and fit with the Amazon culture?
  8. Did you apply the STAR technique in the face-to-face interviews?

To clarify, if you answered “no” to any of the above, do better. Be more prepared when you next submit a job application to Amazon. If you are repeatedly unsuccessful with applying to Amazon, contact the experienced team at CB Recruitment to discuss how we can improve your chances of securing a career in cryptocurrency.

How many times can you apply for a job at Amazon?

You can apply for Amazon careers as often as you like, provided you are suitable for an advertised position. Moreover, Amazon reviews an application on its merits for each job. There are multiple positions for Amazon careers remote workers.

Can you fail an Amazon assessment test?

Yes. When you apply for Amazon careers, the purpose of the assessments is to screen candidates for suitability. If you fail at one stage, you will not progress to the next. See the question above, “why did Amazon reject my application?” to review where you may have gone wrong.

Can I cheat on the Amazon online assessment?

If you cheat in the early assessment stages, it will catch up with you later. For instance, if you copy and paste Google answers to technical questions, the screening can check that process. In addition, if Amazon misses the cheat at that stage, you’ll fail later at the telephone interview when asked technical questions. It’s certainly not worth the risk of being blacklisted as a cheater when you apply for Amazon careers.

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Jan Barley
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Jan Barley
Jan Barley
Jan is a SEO copywriter, brand advisor, content strategist & case study specialist writing for crypto, recruitment, and SaaS companies. Jan lives in the Cotswold's UK with two rescue dogs. Since 2020, Jan has written hundreds of SEO articles for various crypto companies including CB Recruitment & Coin Bureau.

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